Heather Gollnick- 5-time Iron Man champion, outstanding athlete, fitness guru, and mom. During each session we embark on one of her amazing (and killer!) training regimens. In the course of just a month, I have so much more energy, and I feel great, so confident! Her expertise makes Heather perfect for anyone, not to mention all her enthusiasm and words of encouragement.

~ Kira, Steamboat Springs High School Tennis #1 Singles

I had the pleasure and honor of scheduling 5 time Ironman Champion, Heather Gollnick, to speak on behalf of Las Vegas Cyclery. Heather graciously agreed to speak just a few days before the epic Leadman 125 Triathlon in Las Vegas. I know how hectic it can be, preparing for a race, travel, adjusting to a different time zone, and still being focused on having the best race possible. Heather proceeded with the grace and sparkle of a true Champion. She spoke to a group of over 20 triathletes, and made it a point to make each and every one feel like a long lost friend. Heather has the dynamic and gracious personality that one can only wish for.

What a difference a season makes! After three summers of training myself for Olympic distance triathlons, I decided to take the next step and start training with Heather and the IronEdge team. In one season, I had 3 PRs and have fallen in love with triathlon all over again. Heather has been able to improve all aspects of my race. I would recommend training with Heather for any athlete level, from beginners to elite. In the IronEdge team, I found a group of positive people of all abilities who supported each other like family.